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Analogous color chord is missing color in created palette

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Analogous chord created with missing color as the base color is duplicated.


Create new document: Type: web Units: Pixels Color Format: RGB/8 W: 1280 px Height: 800 px DPI: 96

Draw a Rectangle (I made it a square) and fill with base color; then duplicate object 2 times.

Base color: R: 200 G: 35 B: 35  / H: 0 S: 70 L: 46

From Swatches tab: Create palette from document > as application palette

Under Swatches tab: Delete the 2 created fills

From Color tab: Create Color Chord > Analogous


Created palette swatch:

R: 200 G: 35 B: 35 / Shows as H: 0 S: 70 L: 46 2 (duplicated Base color, should be new color 1)

R: 200 G: 118 B: 35 / Shows as H: 0 S: 70 L: 46 (Base color)

R: 200 G: 35 B: 35 / Shows as H: 0 S: 70 L: 46 (new color 2)


I was following this tutorial on YouTube: "Affinity Designer - Colour Chords"

*Notes: possible regression as the person in video creates Analogues palette correctly (I don't know what version they used)

I was able to create all of other 9 palette types correctly from this same video instructions.

My version:


Two example files:





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