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Blogging the creation of my graphic novel in Designer

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Hey everyone. I've just launched a blog that I'm using to chronicle the development of my graphic novel, Somerton Man. 


While I'll be showing some final finished art down the road, the purpose of the blog is to document the creation workflow process. I have a suite of tools I use, that include Photo on both Mac and iPad, and Designer. I also use Concepts, Notes, Scrivener, Sketchup, MakeHuman, Skelly.... well, there's a list. But at the centre are the Affinity suite.


I'm inviting anyone interested to drop by and monitor the progress. I've got lots of good things to say about Designer, and a few criticisms, so I'm also open to ways of doing things more efficiently. There's also an FB page - working on getting that to update when the blog does.


My project is about using Designer as the central hub for bringing the project together. As such, this is only partly about virtuoso technique, but it's definitely about workflow and thinking out the stages of the book. If that's of interest, I'd love to hear your ideas.


Dan, Somerton Man Graphic Novel writer, artist.



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Yeah like Alice going down the rabbit hole, Working down a similar path.

By making Designer and Photo my "Core UI development tools set", and
Using AffinityDesigner as my Core ART to Garments, Movie and 3D, A "UI Visualize Development Tool"

My (VDT) from custom Tool set, write down to developing the coolest APP.
with "ReactNative" on the backend as customize apps. develop under a JavaScript.

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