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Pathetic WMF file causes grouping trouble

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Hi there!

Recently a colleague of mine sent me a Word file (Word 2016 on Windows), including a chart based on an internal data sheet. Although Word has no option to export an embedded chart as a graphic there is a trick to get the job done: select the chart, copy it and paste it into an empty slide in Powerpoint. Then export this slide as an WMF file (SVG is not offered in this case by PP).

Unfortunately the exported WMF file can't be edited by Affinity Designer ( properly: It is not possible to select more than one layer at a time in order to create groups - at least not in the layers list. Even clicking on several items on the artboard while holding the ctrl-key does not work. The only way to select several items together is by drawing a selection frame around the desired items.

One of the files causing problems with me is attached.

Any ideas, why editing this file is such a pain? Or is it by design?

Thanks, Volker




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Hi VolkerMB


I;m not sure what is going off here however there are other methods of selection that do work. You can multi select the object through the layers panel just fine and you can also use shift and click without issue. I;m not sure why ctrl is not working 



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Hi Chris,

I'd say your are lucky because neither shift not ctrl do work here with me. At least not with the file I shared here yesterday.

Today I created a very simple design with Illustrator and exported it to WMF. Although the behaviour with the new file in Designer ( on Windows) is different, it is still a bit odd: I can put shift and control to use in the layers panel. But the selected layers are not marked in the workspace in any way - no blue frame, no handels. Interestingly it happens only with text layers. All other layers do show a frame plus handels.

In case you want to look into this, please find the new file attached.






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deleting the textstyles makes the text selectable.



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