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Couldn't find anything similar on the forum here.


Have something strange going on when re-scaling an artboard and have attached a screenrecording to try and get the issue across.



I have a mask apllied to an artboard, only covers about a third of the artboard, it's to let me isolate part of a design whilst working on it. I only switch it on when needed or move it around.


Now I was running out of space on my artboard and wanted to make it a bit bigger.


1] As usual, just grabbed the move tool, selected the artboard by clicking on its name in the artboard view (not in the layer's list) with the mask tunred on. Then dragged the artboard out downwards which as you can see from the video goes a bit awry.


2] Closed the file and re-opened it. This time I selected nothing, just opened the artboard layer, turned off the mask and scaled the artboard downwards again. This then scales the whole design, not extending the artboard.


3] Closed the file and re-opened it. Turning off the mask but this time selecting the artboard by clicking on its layer icon, so it has a white square around the layer icon to indicate its selection. Dragging the handles of the artboard then makes it all go very crazy as  you can see fom the video.


4] Closed the file and re-opened it. This time deleting the mask and re-scaling the artboard again as before. This time it goes as expected.



Surely not the behaviour to be expected?


I'm running v1.6.0 on a 2016 MacbookPro [touchbar], MacOS 10.12.6 with a Wacom Cintiq UX21 and an old 27" iMac as an external screen attached through a OWC USB-C dock. But I've disconnected everything and the behaviour is the same.















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Posted (edited)

Hey @MEB I ran in to a seemingly similar problem today and this is the closest I can find on the forums to an existing issue.

If this needs to be a separate issue let me know. I've also uploaded the file if you need it.

Using Affinty for Mac v1.6.1 (App store).




Edited by simonlayfield
Added Affinity version

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