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Deleting a group from a symbol doesn't sync.

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I'm reporting three bug regarding symbols on version The most severe bug (the one that messes up your symbol) is in the title. The other two are annoying, but can be worked around.


Bug #1

Deleting a group inside a symbol doesn't not sync to other symbols or new instances of the symbol.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create two shapes.
  2. Group the shapes.
  3. Create a symbol from the group.
  4. Create another instance of the symbol.
  5. Delete one of the groups in the symbol.
  6. Notice the other copy of the symbol still contains the group.


Bug #2

When trying to create a symbol from multiple times, Affinity Designer create multiple symbols rather than including all the items in a single symbol.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create two shapes.
  2. Select both shapes.
  3. Create a symbol
  4. Each shape is in it's own symbol


Bug #3

Symbol is created from a group, the group is destroyed and a new group for each item in the original group is created.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create two shapes
  2. Group the shapes
  3. Create a symbol from the group
  4. The symbol now contains two groups, each containing one of the original shapes.

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Hi Botulism


I;m glad that the beta has solved your issues. Bug #2 is not actually a bug it is intended to allow you to make multiple symbols at once. as the objects are in a group the symbol does not know what relation the objects have to each other




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Understood. However this is kind of a problem, because deleting symbols is cumbersome. So if you make twenty symbols on accident, they have to be deleted one at a time. You have to individually right click on each symbol and choose delete. You can't multi-select (with shift or ctrl and the mouse) symbols and you can't press the delete key (that deletes the selected item).

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