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I'd like to be able to work on photos, then reduce the file size to different degrees once I've got something in a fit state.

I notice that if I choose (say) PNG In AP, that there is an option to resize - but it only seems to work with fixed dimensions.

Ideally I'd like something which works with standard ratios - in a similar way to the constrained crop feature.


Not sure how to do this. Also, if I work in FCPX - which I do for video - there are options to send to the Compressor tool,

and thus to get different qualities and sized of video. Effectively one master file can generate multiple outputs at different resolutions, sizes etc.


Is there anything like this in Affinity photo? I really don't want to have to put in "fixed" numbers each time and use trial and error to get the outputs I want.


While I'm happy enough to keep large files/large size images on my computer - if I have space - this can be a pain if using email, or saving to a cloud or web site,

and often really rather pointless if the viewing resolution (e.g. eventually on a screen via a projector) is going to discard most of the data anyway - and also makes

for compatibility and performance problems.

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Hi dave2017


For export absolute dimensions are required, however the resize options will take expression so you can divide a value by 2 for example. If the aspect ratio is locked it will update both dimensions accordingly. For any other more intricate resizing tasks you would need to do this before the export phase. 


I'm going to move this to our feature request section to have additional options for export to be considered.



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I just downloaded the trial versions of both Photo and Designer and am disappointed that I can only save a file to YOUR file format or export to png. That is the very frustrating thing about all of the alternative applications I've investigated to replace my Adobe CS4 when I had to replace my iMac and my Macbook Pro with a new iMac that came with Sierra and can't be backstepped in the OS. I am so used to being able to save files in .jpg and .tif to use in quark. I don't do a lot of such work, but I really need to be able to have the editing features and file saving features that I had with Adobe. I will NOT be buying the full versions unless they do include all file formats that Adobe offered.

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17 hours ago, ganymede said:

I can only save a file to YOUR file format or export to png





Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer Affinity Store.
Windows 10 Pro, Version 1809, Build 17763.195.
Latitude E5570, i5-6440HQ 2.60 GHz, 8 GB, Intel HD Graphics 530, 1920 x 1080.

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