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Brush resize shortcut - again

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Using a Wacom Cintiq Companion with a Pro Pen.

Sidenote: to be able to emulate all mouse buttons with the pen, I configured the rocker switch like shown in the attached picture. Works perfectly in practically all applications that I use (also 3d or CAD apps).

That being mentioned:

The current shortcut for resizing the brush is (unfortunately) ALT-LMB-RMB.

However, in Affinity Photo I just can't manage to resize the brush using that key combination on the pen! I always end up being in color picker mode (like with ALT-LMB).

It works with the mouse though, and also in Affinity Designer, so it must be a bug in Affinity Photo!



Can we please at last have another shortcut for resizing??


With the pen, pressing LMB+RMB at the same time is no good, because it means putting the pen tip on the tablet AND hold the right rocker switch! Awkward.

Also, using "Decrease/Increase Brush Size" is not a good option. It's simply not fast and fluent enough to fiddle with shortcuts like that. Neither is using the size slider in the toolbar.


Understand, this simple shortcut issue severely takes the speed out of the workflow when painting! (Allow me to mention I do professional storyboard and inking work for like 14 years now. Used Corel Painter, Photoshop, Clip Studio. Never a problem with brush handling.)

Why not just do it the Photoshop way and we're good?

I don't believe this is a difficult thing coding-wise. You just have to want to move it up in your to-do-list.


I'll go on nagging you with this as long as this is unfixed... .'p


Thanks for reading!

Best regards



Wacom Pro Pen.jpg

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Yes, that is correct.

Just could not get it to work in AP.


Edit: just tested it again in AP, just to make sure. I always get the color picker, never brush resize.


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Does the RMB work on its own in AP?

If not check your Wacom button assignments again.

Button assignments can be set differently for different applications within the Wacom Tablet software, AP might not have the RMB assigned the same as other applications

Due to the ongoing Brexit negotiations, punctuation, spelling and grammar will be used sparingly until further notice.

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No, I did not set different button assignments for different applications.

Clicking the RMB over the canvas does nothing by itself, neither with the mouse nor the pen. Is there anything supposed to happen?

Over various icons and buttons it shows a context menu.


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