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Gerard Nijenbrinks

How to copy a set of adjustments in the Develop persona?

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Here's the situation, a real-life example. I've shot a series of product photos in my studio. Each with the same lighting, background, etc. Let's say just different angles of the product.

Then I import the RAW image series into my iPad (using the 'SD to Lightning' adapter), and open the first one selecting from 'Camera Roll', 'Recently Added', or 'Last Import' - doesn't matter, same pictures show up in all those albums anyhow.

Following I choose the first one and start to develop it in the automatically opened 'Develop' persona.

What I miss very much right away is an 'Auto adjust' option, to get to a more or less standard OK starting point (based on the histogram f.i.) for the picture I want to develop. Well, it's not there (yet, I hope it will be added once - hint hint), or at least I can't find it. So I start adding adjustments myself.

For example. Exposure a bit up, (let's say +0.82), Contrast slightly down (yeah -8%), Clarity a bit up (to 48%) and Highlights down (-22%). Oh yes, and correcting the white balance with the 'White Balance Tool' on the left side of the screen. A bit of cropping, getting rid of chromatic aberration, correcting a bit of distortion (unfortunately no 'automatic upright' here as well - hint hint), slightly sharpening the picture, and removing some of the noise. Just some tonal adjustments, and I'm...

Done! That was quite a bit of work, and I'm in a hurry. My customer wants do deliver me today, or better yesterday.

There we go. Next picture from the series... Euhm..? What!? No!!

Do I have to start all over again now? You must be kidding! The whole set of pictures of this product shoot needs the same adjustments of course - they all need to have the exact same look an feel.

Where's the copy/past develop settings button?

Of course, I wrote this with a bit of a joke, however, this is how most/many professional workflows are. Not only with this example of product images, however with fashion shoots on a set as well.


Then one last thing. My developed pictures all reside in the Affinity Photo for iPad start page now, and I have to export them. To a cloud storage, or whatever. Some might have different sizes (due to different cropping) and I need to export them all in the same size and quality of course, to the storage of choice. What happens next is that I have to open them one by one, to be able to export them (in the size and file format of choice).

Open > Document > Export > File type > Dimensions & Quality > Filename > etc > etc - For each and every picture from the series over and over again.

There should be a way to group developed pictures and export them all at once. Best using either original file numbers or ongoing name-numbers by choice.


I've done a lot of studying on Affinity Photo for iPad, and am really eager to work with it for professional use. I've seen pretty much all official tutorial videos, plus some unofficial as well. I didn't find solutions to the situation I described here above. To be honest, I hope I missed some functions and possibilities which proves me wrong.



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Hi Gerard,


It's not possible to copy RAW settings from one RAW image to another.  With the Desktop version, you have the option to save presets which you could then apply to the next RAW file you open but sadly we don't have that option on the iPad.  This has come up a lot here on the forums, so hopefully it's something that will be improved on in later builds.


Same for exporting more than one file at once, now we have a bit more of a file system to use thanks to IOS 11, i'd expect to see improvements on exporting files as well. 

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Thank you very much for your swift and honest answer @stokerg,

Although it makes me kind of sad for the time being. I hope you agree with me that without these functions Affinity Photo iPad is a wonderful tool for photography enthusiasts, but not yet ready for professional use.

My eyes are on the future :-)


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On 2/8/2018 at 10:21 AM, Gerard Nijenbrinks said:

Where's the copy/past develop settings button?

Yes! This is AN ABSOLUTE MUST! I'm painfully disappointed that this isn't in the app, where e.g. Lightroom for iPad has it.

Any word on WHEN this will be added? No roadmap or anything?? Because before it is, this is absolutely useless to me and I'm back to having to rent my software. >:(


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