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Histogram compression in Develop persona

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A quick question regards histogram compression that I notice when developing RAW files in the develop persona. I know this has been an issue for a while and I believe the work around is to 'develop' the image to take it through to the photo persona and then return to the develop persona again to be greeted by an accurate histogram. Please see below for before and after screen shots of the histogram and file data during this process and notice the change in the toolbar from 'RAW' to 'RGB' and just below that in the file date a change from 'RGBA/32' to 'RGBA/16'.


Can somebody from affinity please confirm if this workaround is still leaving me with a RAW file to work with (ie after the workaround as per the bottom screenshot) or if the only actual workaround is to not bother with this and do all RAW editing in the Develop persona without actually having an accurate histogram for reference?






Incorrect histogram upon first opening file in develop persona (using apple photos 'edit in affinity photo' extension')....

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 17.09.55.png


Then after clicking develop, briefly entering Photo persona and returning back to the Develop persona straight afterwards....

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 17.10.18.png

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Thanks Wikinger and owner for taking the time to reply, much appreciated. Hopefully someone from Affinity will provide a steer as to when a fix for this is due and if they have any solutions in the short term. I’m using the clipping warnings to avoid losing tonal range in Develop persona for now but not ideal.

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Good morning.

I compared Affinity and DxO, when opening a RAW without modifications.


There is a difference in histograms, due to (I think) the fact that Affi nity applies an RVBA profile and DxO does not apply a profile.

When opening the image in Develop persona, Affin ity applies the sRGB profile.


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Interesting. I’ve never used DXO other than for their Affinity plugin collection but whatever they do in their software seems to avoid the bug/inconsistency that Affiity has on this histogram issue. At least it reassures me that someone else has the exact same thing happening to them.

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