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This vector portrait was created using pentool, with a reference photo to use. Here are some problems and thoughts while creating this one.

  • I tried using Gradient fill but the software keeps on crashing, so i leave it with solid color. (Someone already reported the problem on the Bug forum)
  • When i'm creating a Shape (you call it Curve in AD), it needs to set it's color everytime and not adopting the previous setting when i create shape. So it eats a lot of time.
  • while using Pentool, i can just hold 'space bar' to switch to Pan tool to drag the canvass view. But when i'm trying, i can't drag it. i have to pick the pan tool on the tool window to be able to drag the view. So maybe, it's much easier if i could just use the 'space bar' shortcut to use the Pan tool then resume tracing.


That's all my concern, sorry if some grammars are incorrect, i'm not good in english.. XD
 I love working with this software so far as it was easy to use, and the guide at the left bottom of the window helps a lot. I'll explore this software more.


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Great looking drawing.


The gradient fill crash is fixed in the beta being released today so hopefully all will be fine now.


When creating a shape using the Pen tool - click the 'Use fill' check box on the context toolbar and that will make your new objects use your current colour.


Holding the space bar and click-dragging should work for panning, we have made some improvements so please give it another try with the new beta.


Thanks for the feedback.


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Great artwork!


OS X Version 10.14.6 iMac 27" 3.2 GHz i5- 32 GB  Huion Kamvas Pro 20

iPad Pro 12.9" IOS 13


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