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Beginners question: RAW file resolution.

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Absolutely new to photography and this app so I apologies for the basic nature of this question. 


I'm importing a 20MP RW2 file (taken on LUMIX LX15) to the iPad photos using a card reader to lightning connector. 


When i I open the photo in the Affinity app it opens developer as I would expect for a RAW file. When I tap the camera icon to see the photo data the resolution is shown as 1920 x 1280. Clearly this is not the size of the real image (and I did check before posting this stupid question). Also, when I export the image the options given for size are obviously of a much higher resolution. 


So why does it show as 1920 x 1280? Is it just that the image you are working on within the app is this size to keep processing time down but then changes are applied to the 'real' image at the export stage? (As the resolution stays the same after development when you go into the photo persona). 


Sorry again if this is a stupid question and thanks for any info. 



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On 09/02/2018 at 11:17 PM, Banzaibrothers said:

Sorry to be dim but just to check - is it just the image I'm viewing that has the reduced resolution?


ie. is it the full RAW file that gets exported as a JPEG? So I'm not loosing a load of detail going through the app?


Just wanted to check. 




Hi, don't worry, you're not losing any quality - what you see during the RAW development and subsequent edits in the Photo persona is the full resolution image. It's just the resolution metadata that's incorrect. You can double check this if you develop the RAW file, then go to the Document menu at the top and choose Resize: the X and Y dimensions should match the expected full resolution values.


Hope that helps!

Product Expert (Affinity Photo) & Product Expert Team Leader

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Thanks.  This is exactly the question I had.  I’ve been using Ipad  Affinity Photo since it was available and love it but this had me confused as to the file—when I sometimes shoot RAW+jpeg it shows the resolution of the added jpeg.  Glad I hVe the correct information.

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