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*Missing!? - Affinity Type & Font Persona

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I had a look over this proposal again, and I really hope Serif will run with the spirit of this idea and implement it more elegantly than my suggestion.

It is so exciting to see all three tools work so well in concert with each other, it really changes the established desktop workflows for 2D design.

Again, I hope that Serif can aim to beat the competition when it comes to font/typeface management as it is so neglected as a design pillar in most software.




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On 6/22/2019 at 6:25 PM, Alfred said:

Is the font in question American Typewriter, as mentioned in another of your recent posts? If so, it might be listed as ‘ITC American Typewriter’, in which case you won’t see it grouped with fonts beginning with ’A’.


I finally managed to find the font (it was ITC American Typewriter) in the Fonts section of Creative Cloud, activated it (half expecting that APub wouldn't like that), and, after restarting, it is finally there in all its glory. It was already in the fonts on my PC, but, for some reason, APub wasn't picking this up.  Thanks for all the help.

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