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This short video is about how to create offset paths in Affinity Designer.  Offset paths are a powerful tool that designers use to create exact duplicates of a vector object shape and then use these duplicate as individual vector objects.  With the ability to create an exact size for your offset, you've have a powerful tool to create fantastic eye catching layers in you digital art. Creating offset paths in Affinity Designer is quick and it's easy. I show you how to setup the keyboard shortcut and with one click you are ready to create offsets for any object, shape, text, or line.  Offset paths are one of the secrets that designers use to create stunning computer graphics.  Create your own website graphics, digital art, blog posts illustrations, instagram images, and go ahead and brag on twitter!  Happy Creating :-) Jen


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Fantastic! That's brilliant!  Thank you!

- Affinity Photo 1.6.7

- Affinity Designer 1.6.1


MacBook Pro 8 GB
MacBook Pro Mojave 10.14.2

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