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Exporting at custom resolutions

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Wanted to put a request in for custom export resolutions - I've heard it's coming in a later release but thought I'd add my use case.


I use Affinity Designer for making games using our proprietary games engine. For 2d games I often need to export at multiple resolutions e.g., exporting graphics at half size and doubling them at runtime to save runtime memory - think blurred backgrounds etc. 


I'm trying to move over to Affinity design from illustrator, the grass feels a little green over here :)

In AI i could use a script to export at any scale by specifying the ppi, and give it a location etc. 


The issue I currently have with AD is that it's being too clever and by doing so is very restrictive.

  • It seems to protect against pixelation of raster graphics by not allowing you to scale up above your base - want 2x then ensure your document setup is set to retina.
  • it only allows 1x 2x and 3x - I often need to scale down or something that isn't 1-3x.
  • It adds a fixed naming convention
  • it doesn't offer separate directories for exporting

For Affinity Designer to cater for all pipelines and workflows we need a more relaxed approach. For now I'll have to split my documents up and set the ppi on each accordingly. 


Keep up the great work.

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Hi MEB and thanks Malcom the question.


I definitely second this.


As we obviously always put softwares in comparison, Sketch is now proposing quite some interesting export options:

• multiple format and resolutions for a single element

• px, w, h unit concept

• naming concept (with path inside)

• etc.


See http://bohemiancoding.com/sketch/features/#exporting and http://bohemiancoding.com/sketch/support/documentation/11-exporting/

Note this cool feature: “A neat trick is that you if you include a slash (a '/') it will create subfolders for your first. For example, if you named your slice foo/bar.png, it would first create a folder named 'foo' and then create a image named 'bar.png' in there.”


A quick example on how this is really handful to my workflow with Sketch:

I'm really often deals with logotypes, and depending the project, I need to export a company logo for different usage (means color can change, resolution, format, etc.)

For this reason, I create for each company a "logotype" file which only contains the vectorial logo, let's say the file is equiv. to 1024px width so I can easily see. But the point is that I don't care my document size, because (thanks to vectorial, which is the power of Affinity Designer btw, only the export is important. So for each logo, I create multiple exports (ex. 512w, 96w, etc.) and just click the one I need at the moment. If missing, I create it and boom, done.


But, If there is one software I'd recommend you guys to give a look, is (was? :() the amazing Opacity.app


Yes, the website is kind of frightening, and the software is buggy and ultra slow when it comes to have many elements on a document, and it has not been updated for years, but please, please give it a try.

This is —by far— the most stunning and brillant software of is kind I've seen for the multiple concepts it introduced. Don't stop to the look, look under the hood!

Speaking of export here, take a look to what they call "factories", the flexibility of this, multiplied by the crazy power of the variables make it potentially one of the most productive software I've ever found.

Such feature could be embedded to all your software line and would lost in Deep Space any competitors.


Thanks for reading and for your support!



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Hi Tazintosh,


We completely agree that this area needs attention and that it can be made so much stronger - we'll definitely be getting to it as soon as we can! :)


Thanks for the link to Opacity - I'll have a look :)


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I remember last year I wanted to export versions of some work I'd done in Photoshop at 720, 1080 and 4K. In the end I drew them at 4K and then used Pixa for quickly exporting at different preset sizes. It worked okay but it took me forever to find a suitable solution that didn't take more time than doing it manually. Depending on how good I get at painting in Photo, I could see myself needing that option in the future! :)

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