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Apologies if this has been discussed before...


When working with many overlapping objects, the current selection engine shows it's weaknesses, so:



For the Move and Node tool, there should be modifier keys to:

always and reliably ADD to the selection, maybe SHIFT,

always and reliably SUBTRACT from the selected obejcts or nodes, like CTRL,

and one to INVERT what is selected, like CTRL-SHIFT.


I just discovered that there is no way to SUBTRACT nodes from a selection of nodes. That's a no-go!


Besides 2d vector programs I also work with numerous CAD and 3D programs also, and the aforementioned system has proven to be the cleares and most efficient. You might take my word for it.



For the Node tool, there should be a modifier key to select ALL nodes in the object, maybe by double-LMB-clicking on a node,

and maybe the same modifier key to de-select all nodes of the object, without de-selecting everything else, too.

It's very handy to be able to 'mix' a selection of single nodes and whole objects (by just selecting all their nodes)!



The option "Select object when intersects with selection marquee" works automatically when you LMB-drag over the object(s), and then additionally hold-release the RMB.

This has been asked a year ago - can you please change this, so that no 2 mouse buttons need to be pressed at once? That's just not handy, especially if one works with a Wacom pen instead of a mouse.

The ALT key could simply be used when drawing the marquee, or, like in other programs, the drawing direction of the marquee (from right to left or left to right) could make the difference.



Curve segments should be selectable! (a segment the part of a curve between two nodes)

The simple version would be, if some modifier key is pressed (maybe ALT) and a segment is clicked, it's two neighbouring nodes are selected.

If SHIFT and CTRL would work as selection-add or -subtract, more segments could be added to or subtracted from the node selection.


The fancy verison would be that segments are actual, selectable, movable components of the object. 3ds Max for example has this concept implemented.

I'd be fine with the node selection version, though. =)


Please don't repeat the big mistake that Adobe Illustrator makes, having a crappy, awkward selection engine!



Best regards


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Regarding 2), de-selecting nodes:

I just found out that for this works with the right mouse button! So far, so good, but the procedure is unsatisfactory yet, because one has to:

- click-hold the left mouse button, THEN the right mouse button (in that order, because otherwise the context menu would pop up)

- draw the selection marquee

- release the left mouse button, THEN the right mouse button


Is this documented anywhere? Can't seem to find it. However, it's just too fumbly, especially with a Wacom pen. Feels like a makeshift solution.

Same goes for 3), that (very handy) auto-intersect-select feature.


Look like in V1.7 there will be a lot of nice new features - maybe you will even bring better/simpler shortcuts for this.

Thanks for reading!

Best regards




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6 hours ago, Tupaia said:

Is Affinity listening?


Serif (the company) listens to the feature requests for Affinity (the applications) and factors them into their planning. Usually, however, they do not comment on the requests.

-- Walt

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