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PDF and JPEG Exports Reduces Actual Size of Image

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I'm working on graphics for an Antique Dollhouse that need to be printed full size. I'm using an outside printing service for my color graphics and have exported the files in PDF and JPEG format, for ease of transportation.


Unfortunately, in doing so, the actual size of the images reduces, the length by about 1/8 inche and the width by about 1/16 inch.


Since the printing service does not have Affinity Design, I have to export to something that they can print from.


Anybody else notice the reduction when exporting and fix the problem?


Thanks, Keith

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Hi KWSchin,


Welcome to the forum


As you are wanting to send the document to your printer please export as a PDF and this will output at the same size as it was designed and your printer can import the PDF file, please check with your printer to find the preferred PDF format that they use. 

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Can't seem to get anything to work. I've tried all the PDF formats, PNG, and J-PEG, all reduce the images by about 1/8" both ways. Printing straight from AD prints the actual size.


Issue I'm having, I'm going to have graphics printed by a professional printer and they don't have AD.


Might just be my HP Laser Jet P1606dn.


Thanks for the response!

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Any info on the actual image sizes - what is it supposed to be? 

Paper sizes? what are the expected dimensions after export?

maybe even upload the afdesign file to see if we can see the issue during export?

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KWSchin, I'm just catching up on my reading of the Forum digests and I saw your post. Since I have the same printer as you do, I decided to see if the same thing happened to me. I resized my sample document to 8.5 by 11" and I made sure I had no margins on the page. I saved the file as a PDF and also chose "actual size" in the printer dialogue box. When I printed my image out, there was a white margin on all sides of the image. The width varied form 1/8th inch to 1/4". The same thing happened when I printed directly from Photo. So there may in fact be an artifact related to this particular printer. I'm not an expert, so I'm not sure, but my experience corroborates yours.

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