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Multiple issues with stacking, panorama, placing photo, selection tools, cropping

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Ok. I have many problems with the iPad version of affinity lately. 

- I am unable to place a photo whether from camera roll or iCloud. 

- The adjustment bars for the cropping tool disappeared. I have to exit and restart.

- It crashes whenever I’m doing 12 raw merge.

- It crashes whenever I’m doing 3 panorama.

- This is the worst! I am unable to select, crop, rotate. This happened after the crashes. Force closing the app and restarting did not help.

This is the second time I have to reinstall the app due to this.


I’m using the first gen iPad Pro, IOS 11.3

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If you are on iOS 11.3 you are running iOS beta. The latest official release is ios11.25.

11.3 is still an early beta and reportedly still pretty buggy. That won't be helping.


Is 1st gen IPad a 10.5 or 1st gen IPad 12”? I think the 1st gen 12” have only 2gb ram (oops, wrong - it has 4gb) whereas 10.5 has 4gb ram.

In my (somewhat limited) experience with AP, when AP starts misbehaving it is usually associated with lack of ram availability (don't run other apps at same time if you can avoid it. Save file regularly. Hard reset iPad every so often, releases ram).

Doing that has resolved several intermittent issues I have had such as white screen after saving to cloud, selection refinement stopping working etc.

Hopefully iOS and AP will eventually use and more importantly, release ram more effectively.

Hopefully mods will be along to offer other, better suggestion. :)

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IPad Pro 10.5/512GB   lpadOS 13.5.1  Apple Pencil (1st gen), Affinity Photo 1.8.3 .180,  Affinity Design, Publisher for iPad (21st century)

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Hi Keiou,

What is the exact iPad Pro model you are using is it a 12.9" or 9.7"? The 9.7" iPad Pro only has 2GB of RAM whereas the 12.9" has 4GB.

1. I presume you are tapping or tapping and then dragging to drag the Photo out? If so it sounds like you may have enabled 'Touch for Gestures Only' in Preferences > Tools. This stops you from using your fingers to draw on the screen (except for gestures). This is intended for users with an Apple Pencil who don't want to accidently end up creating unwanted strokes from their hand/wrist.
2. I'm unable to get this - Are you able to do a screen recording showing this?

3. Can you attach the 12 raw files you are using please? Also what kind of Merge are you doing - is it a Focus Merge, HDR Merge or Stack?

4. I presume you mean 3 raw image Panorama? If so could you attach those raw files as well please.

5. Again this sounds like it may have been caused by enabling 'Touch for Gestures Only'

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Hmm Beta IOS.  I’ve used Affinity since last year and twice since then I have reinstalled due to the issues mentioned. 

Anyway I don’t have another device to test with the latest Gold build of IOS. 


iPad Pro 9.7 is the one I am using. I see. That’s what I missed I didn’t force close the other apps. 

Yeah that white screen. That drove me crazy. LOL 


It was just a bit frustrating I was not able to submit my Super blue blood moon shot because of the issues.


@Sean P

I have the 9.7 iPad Pro. Can you please tell me what is the issue with the memory?

1. I have not touched that settings except for snapping

2. I am not able to recreate the issue since I have reinstalled the app and I’m quite happy working on it again. 


Thank you both for the answers I’ll take note of what I learned here. :D



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