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Adjustment dialogue box doesnt open

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OK, first time posting here as a relative newbie so I will try to use the correct terms...

I can open an image (RAW or JPEG) and duplicate the pixel layer. I then go to adjustments in the photo persona and the first time I open a specific adjustment the dialogue box opens, however once I close it and move to another adjustment, the dialogue box doesn't open any more, it shows the preset options under that specific adjustment. I get the same in the layers menu, if I have added an adjustment, or have added an adjustment layer I cannot access the dialogue box to make any changes to the values???? Clicking on the adjustment layer only highlights it blue, no dialogue box!


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Hi DarrenWB,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

This is usually due to the use of multiple monitors. Did you have a second one connected at some point? If you connect it the dialog will probably open there. If that's the case change the monitor settings on your computer to use just one monitor, disconnect the second monitor and run Affinity Photo again. It should work as you'd expect.

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sorry to dig this up again, but I'm on and I also have this Problem. Except the adjustment boxes don't appear at all, if I have another Monitor connected.

I'm on an XPS15 and the external monitor is connected to HDMI.

Edit: I tried resetting AP with the "Ctrl"+double click but it only works once, the second time it's not apearing anymore. If i set the multi-monitor setup in windows to "duplicate", then it works. It's not working with "expand".



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