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Panasonic RW2 raw file problems G9

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I use the new Panasonic DC-G9 camera and mainly deal with raw files.

When I started in December, I could develop these RW2 files with affinity photo.

But now Affinity Photo does not recognize these raw files any longer. Maybe I changed some camera setting, but I am not aware which setting might cause the problem now.

For your information, I attach two raw files which demonstrate this behaviour.



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Hi hr.mu


Your PANA4492.RW2 file seems to be opening perfectly fine. Your other file _LUM0777.RW2 open as a pink mess but it's not only in our app this happens. The colour space seems to be different between the images, which could be causing this. But is there any compression set on the camera at all? It could be that this is a compressed RAW file which we don't really handle at the moment



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Hi Chris,


thanks for the quick response.

Both files open in Lightroom V6 without problems, therefore I believe it is a handling issue for Affinity Photo.

I am not aware that I can influence the compression set on the camera.

I am only aware that I changed the color space set on the camera between these two images. For the PANA4492.RW2 file I used the sRGB color space setting, for the _LUM0777.RW2 file I used the AdobeRGB color space (although EXIF data protocoll color space as uncalibrated. But EXIF data seem to be not reliable, i.e. they protocoll EXIF image height/width as  1440x1920 whereas image size is 5184x3888.). But color space settings should not impact the RAW format, it is only for JPG development. Also I tested high resolution images in between, but both example files have standard resolution.

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OK, I just did another test.

I took two pictures with standard resolution and with sRGB and with Adobe RGB color space, and both images opened in Affinity photo without problems.

Then I took a high resolution picture with a camera setting that it saves the high resolution image and in parallel it also saves the same image in standard resolution.

Both of these two images cannot be opened correctly in Affinity Photo and produce this pink mess. So maybe that in this situation the standard resolution is saved differently.

It would be great if Affinity Photo could also process these high resolution images!

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Hi, the file with the underscore at the beginning are images in the Adobe color space.
The without stroke is RGB. Is with Panasonic / Lumix so, depending on the selection.
Greetings Dieter

Germany, Affinity Photo WIN 1.7 , LR6, WIN10

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