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I've been scratching my head trying to think of a workaround for this. As it stands Affinity Designer does not have a 'tangent to tangent' function for when you want to draw multiple circles, or lines to tangents, and make sure the lines and/or circles are perfectly aligned. Note: this is NOT the same as aligning a line to the quadrant of a circle.

Here's my workaround. I use Onshape (free, cloud based technical drawing software) to sketch up the circles in Onshape, save as a drawing, then export as a PDF and bring into Affinity Designer as perfectly editable curves with fills. Perfect for logo design in particular.





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Hi Kiarian,


Thanks for sharing the work around you've found.


It's been requested a few times in Features Requests that we add 'tangent to tangent' support/snapping.  So hopefully it's something that could be included in a future update.

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Hi stokerg,

No problem. It's something that would be so handy, and could be seamless if implemented well in your workflow.
You could start a curve with the pen tool, draw a line, hold ALT, or a hotkey, select the required tangent/intersection/perpendicular/quadrant, pick, then carry on your linework.
It's been a staple of AutoCAD for donkey's years.

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