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Inconsistency with scaling objects and text proportionately while holding text

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Hey there,


After working on Affinity Designer for a month now. I'm always thrown off by the inconsistency of using shift while scaling an object/text. By default when you scale a text or a group Affinity Designer scales it proportionately without having to hold shift. But if you hold shift you get to do a free form transform on the text or group. However when you select a single object or multiple objects (not group) at once Affinity Designer by default lets you do free form transform. But when you hold shift that changes to scaling it proportionately for a single object or multiple objects (not group). I find this at least in Adobe Illustrator it's consistent with what shift does. I would know always that holding shift will let me scale all things proportionately.


How does everyone feel about that?



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Hi varliewn,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

By default Affinity Designer/Photo keeps the ratio of all objects that possess an intrinsic aspect ratio - like images and text - where most of the times you don't want to distort them. So if you select a single image layer or text objects the ratio will be kept without pressing ⇧ (shift). If you select multiple layers, it will behave as if it was a group of objects and so doesn't keep the aspect ratio. This behaviour can be changed in Affinity Designer/Photo Preferences, Tools section Move Tool Aspect Constrain dropdown. Automatic is the default option as works as explained above. The other two options are self-explanatory.

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