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[Both] Vector Gradient Mask

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For example, say I want to create a mask that is for gradient blend a layer to below, I would have to "rasterize as mask". It might work just fine if I don't want to edit it further, but it's not that uncommon that this isn't the case, and sometimes I might want even more complex gradient mask (for example, maybe I created a mask for reflection that has binary combined vectors painted in gradient), in order to use it as a gradient mask rather than a clip mask, I would have to rasterize it, which is irreversable and not that "edit-friendly".


Well, the idea is simple. Maybe I should be able to click on the mask icon and switch the mask type (between clip and gradient).

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Hi FlameRat,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

This is already possible. Please take. a look at the sample file below. The gradient blending/masking is controlled through a vector shape used as a mask. The shape was filled with a gradient but instead of using the stop colours of the gradient to control the opacity of the mask (as in a regular greyscale mask) you have to use the opacity of the stop colours itself. In the attached example below both stop colours are red but the stop colour on the right has  a colour opacity of 0%. Select the vector mask (clicking on its thumbnail in the Layers panel, change to the Gradient/Fill tool (depending if you are using Photo or Designer respectively) and click the stop olour on the right in the gradient handle on canvas to check this - note the opacity value on the slider on the bottom of the Colour panel.

This way you can use a gradient to control the masking keeping it editable all the time.



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