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Memory leak in Affinity Designer

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I didn't experience this before 2018.


But now starting AD takes ages, like 30+ seconds. I have SSD, 16GB RAM, i7 PC.

On two different machines (similar hardware) I got the same problem lately.


So after no file loaded, just AD, it occupies about 20% of processor resources and it just starts eating my memory slowly but continuously.

Attached images are taken few minutes apart.


Any known similar problems or fixes? Thank you.


I have a Mac version so I'll try that also...







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Hi WeekendProducer,

Have you added many assets to the Assets Panel or any other content at all? Could you go to %AppData%\Affinity\Designer\ and rename the 1.0 folder to 1.0_Temp and then start the app up to see how it behaves.

This will remove all your customisations (but keep them backed up in the 1.0_Temp folder) to see if they are causing the issue. If not just delete the newly created 1.0 folder and rename 1.0_Temp back to 1.0 and that will put all your customisations back.

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Uh OK, I have thousands of fonts (simulated like installed with app for that), but I did not experienced such starting delay until lately... as Both AD and AP have the same problem, and yes I disabled the fonts and loading time is back to normal. It would be great, having that slow loading in mind, to move and somehow hide the process of "rendering" those previews in the background. I'm sure that was the case earlier as the AD/AP would freeze for some (but much shorter) time after the app is already loaded, and usually after starting to work with some file.


Thank you and BR.

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Sorry guys here I am again with the same story. I'm just looking at my Affinity Designer (not responding) window for about 5 minutes already and it is still freezed by (pre)rendering fonts while I'm writing this. I have no time for this BS.

It's a BAD solution and it should never been implemented this way. Now after it prerendered all fonts user will expect everything with the font search window to be fast and snappy but it IS NOT. It works so sloooow, it hangs while typing the font name and it shows those typed letters after 3 - 5 or even 10 seconds. Extremely frustrating.


Give me opt in for prerendering. If I don't want that "feature" I can skip it and use the fonts the old way or in some hybrid solution like written below:

Render on the fly by rendering and showing only the visible fonts as even those are prerendered the fonts windos is slow like it renders it again...


Please FIX THIS ASAP. I cannot believe there is no proper reaction for this problem and that is not been solved already.


AllAdobe products I used never had this problem on much slower machines and I have fonts rendered and shown within the font window without delay no matter how many fonts I have installed (or simulated as installed).


thank you.



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