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HEX value for all color pickers

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Hey guys,

It would be great if we could have the HEX value input text on all color examples. For instance, when you create a shape, in the top bar properties panel you have the fill color and stroke color, and you have all sorts of color pickers (hue, rgb sliders, hsl color scheme, etc), but only the HEX SLIDERS picker contains the actual input field for the HEX code. It would be great if all these color pickers would contain the hex color code, in UI design this is used a lot :)

Thank you for a great product :) I am very grateful.

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Also we need alpha in Hex(8-digit) and RGBA. And it would be nice if we could copy the values of Hex and RGBA to the clipboard in this form:
for RGBA 102, 0, 153, 0
for RGB 102, 0, 153
for Hex #FFFFFF
for Hex (A) #80FFFFFF

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Chris, a workaround you might not know about is that if you double click on either of the color circles you will get a color chooser panel:


This allows easy conversion from different color formats and the insertion of hex RGB codes.  The format is larger than the color panel, so is easier to make certain color selections.

iMac (27-inch, Late 2009) with macOS Sierra

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