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Convert Line to Curve, Bug in Affinity Designer

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On 25.1.2018 at 10:47 AM, Chris_K said:

This is a known issue and is slightly more prevalent with stroke under 2 pt. I shall update our report 


Hi Chris_K,


For a UI, Mock-Up and Font Designer this looks curious: How is it that Affinity Designer advertises with "Zoom of over 1.000.000%" but can't handle the conversion of small objects 100% perfect or better said "1.000.000%"?!O.o


In my opinion it is an essential and the most used function at all and should work "perfect" in an illustration program from the beginning! 


Even a newcomer program like Gravit Designer can handle the function at an early stage of development! But Incscape masters it absolutely perfect!


Is there a timetable when this error will be fixed? 
PS: If it was up to me, best right now!


Gravit Designer - Conversion Process:



Gravit Designer - Before & After:



Incscape - Conversion Process:



Incscape - Before & After:


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