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Different colours on different apps

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I'm trying to figure out why original photos viewed on system and external photo viewers looks different than opened in Affinity?


I was trying to change every possible RGB colour profile, uncheck "convert working space" option, and "renderin intent" - nothing helps. So - why?


Attached image: Left - Fast Stone Image Viewer, right Affinity.


(I agree, this picture on left is oversaturated, but it is still an original).


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I don't know! but it happens with me too. O.o

I must have something wrongly ticked either in my DAM (ACDsee) or in AP but I don't know what, despite plenty of fiddling.

Applying the answers given to others on the forum over the last several months still hasn't got me there yet.

Hopefully one of the wise owls hereabouts will swoop over this thread and drop us a morsel of wisdom. o.O


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As far as I know, it depends on the ICC Profile. Go to Document > Convert ICC and then select Adobe RGB and se if that makes the trick.

Best regards!

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Unless something has changed in a couple years, Faststone really isn't color managed and colors, depending upon one's monitor profile and the image itself (does it actually have an embedded profile, assume sRGB?) the colors will look over saturated.


Affinity applications are color managed. So I doubt that unless you purposefully alter the saturation of that image in an Affinity application you would ever attain that over-saturated appearance.

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