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Hi Affinity

I have a Question and I am not shure if this is more a request or stupidity on my hand. But I also read the feature request smoth curves/simplyfy curves and this might be the same issue in Affinity Designer. The problem I have is with the Divide Funktion. To illustrate the problem I made these pictures. As you can see in Step 2 the devided shapes are pretty clean if you use this funktion on two circles. But doing the same thing on the already devided shapes using the third one it starts to get messy. not only are there a lot of nodes on the curves that where intended to create but also a lot of unwanted shapes are created. This causes two issues.

1. Deleting the unwanted curves creates problems when combining the needed ones because there are gaps created

2. it also happenes that outlines are created inside of curves that are hard to get ride of because just deleting nodes can change the shape a lot.

So the Question is if there is a way to avoid this issue or if this might be something for the Bugfix/Feature request section.  I migrated from Corel and Shaping there is handled a little different. But from what I have seen in tutorial vidios of AI and Corel this seems to work better there.

Still would like to say I enjoy working with AD and AP and also love your verry active Forum support which I considder verry Valuble :)




Step 1.PNG

Step 3.PNG



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I'm having the same problem... I understand it's complicated (code-wise), but has there been any progress on the issue? 



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Same here. Actually only logged in now to report this, but found this thread.

Using the Divide operation on objects other than rectangles with sharp edges makes the divided objects distorted. Similar to what expanding curved strokes does - which I reported here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/49004-designer-expand-stroke-issue/

Some screenshots attached, in Outline mode to visualize it better. Two basic objects. Before and after.



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