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Clipping Mask Affinity Pro iPad Pro

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Hi there people!
I finished the linert of my drawing, now I have to color it. Problem is...I need to color inside my flat color without the brush go out of it.
In Photoshop, I used to put a new layer on top of the flat color and -> Create Clipping Mask
Is there a way I can do that in Affinity Pro for iPad?

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Ah okay I found a workaround...
After you select the flat color layer and create a New Mask Layer...then you create another empty layer and drag and drop it INSIDE the flat color layer with the mask. This somehow makes it so when you draw inside the new empty layer...it paints only inside the flat color area...that's it.
Whoever needs this trick...I hope he/she finds this helpful!

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Works great! Might try this with some b&w portraits I am recolouring.




IPad Pro 10.5/512GB   lpadOS 13.5.1   Affinity Photo 1.8.3 .180   Affinity Design Publisher for iPad (2020?)

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On Affinity photo for the iPad pro you can achieve something like a clipping mask, using "Paste Inside".

IMG_9B1A0138009E-1.thumb.jpeg.f1622bc27bc97dd36b9bfa17cd28ad91.jpegIn this example I create a shape layer (the star) and the foreground text.  

To demonstrate "paste inside" clipping, I duplicate and blur then text, then cut it and "paste inside" into the star.

The star now clips the shadow.

This is good when the clip area is the element you want to layout, and the pasted contents is 'background pattern'.    For example, I want to draw a set of regularly sized playing cards with pictures.  the cards must stay the same size but I might want to tweak size and position of the artwork on them.

You can compare this to *clip layers* (shape) and *mask layers* (pixel).  

Paste inside: the 'mask' is the (alpha of the) main object and the content / background is the sub-object - easy to scale background without editing mask.  The mask and content merge somewhat.

Clip layers: the content is the main object, the clip is the sub-object.  shows a tiny crop icon in the layer studio.

Mask layer: the content is the main object, the mask is the sub-object.  shows a tiny circle/checkerboard in the layer studio.


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