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I am enjoying working with the workbook. However I do have a question based on page 230. Following the instructions, I set the paint brush tool and then look at the colour panel. I am unable, in RGB mode, to get those standard numbers (please see my first attachment). What is that scale? I am however able to complete the steps (up to number 4) improving the red tones as suggested! The other attachment shows my work so far - prior to cropping. Many thanks in advance, Mike

colour 1..PNG

colour red.PNG

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Hi Mike, looks like you've got your colour panel set to 16-bit values rather than 8-bit. This means each colour value will top out at 65535 rather than 255 (thus explaining why you can't match the values given in the book). To set the values back to 8-bit, click the "burger" icon next to the X and choose 8-bit. I've attached a screenshot to show you.


Hope that helps, let me know if you're still running into issues!

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 08.39.26.png

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My problem too--on Chapter 2: Lumsdale Falls. Page161.  I couldn't find any good color tutorials.  One by Elaine Giles' is over an hour and a half long.  I like the shorter ones by James Ritson.  I'm looking forward to working my way through the book (just got it this week.)

The one thing that would be more helpful for a 'workbook' is to be able to open it flat.  I had to get a carpenter's clamp to both hold and weigh down the first  pages. It lies flatter toward the middle.

Thanks so much for developing AF.  I could never get very far with Photoshop because if I didn't use a method for a while, I had to re-learn it. So every new type of project was like starting over.

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