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Call for Camera Images

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As part of some upcoming development work, we would like to test our software with a huge variation of camera images, and we’re hoping that some of you may be able to contribute to these efforts. We w

Would Be Nice If Affinity Photo Could Do Correction and Create Profiles From A McBeth ,ColorChecker® Digital SG,Datacolor SpyderCheckr SCK100 

Hi Mark, could you be a little bit more specific with regards to the required picture type/content? Do you prefere highISO pics, special lighting situations? ... or would any RAW crap that will be chu

Misread 2018 as 2019 so uploaded a Canon 5D Mk iii R+J shooting session. Hope you still can use them. Hopefully, the ability to edit RAW out of Apple Photos will come from this in addition to whatever is in the works.

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It would be nice if this could be supported....

A high resolution RAW image from a Lumix G9 (P1000711.RW2) was just added to the drop-box.

The Raw Developer tool currently does not recognize this file type and displays it as scattered pixels.  



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Sigma 1:1:1 camera files posted (very different from the SD Quattro above).

SD14 colour full resolution

SD1M: colour med resolution, B/W med resolution, colour full resolution. If more lens data are needed, I can provide more samples.

The Medium resolution images use CMOS binning for better S/N ratio. The B/W should behave like a Leica Monochrome.

Zero demosaicing to be used, zero sharpening to be used, and if properly exposed, next to zero noise removal to be used. Should look excellent even at 200%, without moire or artifcacts.

Impressive feature list!


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I have sent RAW NRW and JPG from  Nikon Coolpix P1000 not included in the current production release of Affinity Photo. I think the RAW as loaded without any adjustment could be improved in that the JPEG from the camera shows better contrast and less tendency to be overexposed in the peak white area. I didn't use the D-lighting processing in the camera.

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It sounds like Canon CR3 files can be a bit delicate, so this may also be something worth testing for if for example you're planning on allowing the file to be modified (such as allowing the 'Date Taken' field to be modified).


CORRUPTION WARNING: Patched problem where Canon DPP would destroy a CR3 image if the file had previously been edited by DPP then Exiftool
(If you have edited any CR3 images with ExifTool that had been previously edited by DPP, then re-edit with ExifTool 11.45 or later to restructure the file so DPP doesn't destroy it if used to edit the file later)


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I have just joined the forum. I have in my database over 600k photos (RAW & JPG) from over 120 cameras in combination with 138 lenses (this includes older cameras and mobile phones as the current database starts in 2010). It's a wide range of subjects and shooting conditions. If you still need samples, I can try to upload (or share via Dropbox/OneDrive) a selection but I need some guidance on what is mostly needed.

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On 3/9/2019 at 9:22 PM, jmapdg said:

I sent photos from Nikon D7000 


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Don't know if it is still needed, but I uploaded a set of photos today.

Mostly from my M50 with different settings (C-RAW, RAW) and different lenses.

And also from most of the other gears (cameras+phones) used for the photos in my collection.

Most are without persons and faces.

If it is for the DAM prepared, these can still be useful.



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