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Controlling Power Duplicate (Designer)

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In Affinity Designer, how do you control what actions are repeated when you duplicate?


Say for example I have a rectangle:

- I resize that rectangle,

- I then alt drag to duplicate it

- I then want to duplicate it again, so I press cmd J


The rectangle is resized and duplicated, but that's not what I wanted in this instance (I just wanted it duplicated).


Aside: I would have assumed the answer was "it's only actions that happened since the alt drag", but that doesn't appear to be the case (unless it's a bug).

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That's a very good question. I would quite like an answer myself.


You can press escape to stop the "chain" or "click off" to deselect and click back on again. But you will do have to select the object again. Maybe someone has a better method ?

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Perhaps this is a semantic problem. Duplicate may not be the best term. Something like propagate might have been more accurate, if unusual.  Here is what I suppose. Designer keeps a history of all operations. The alt/command + drag operation fill a variable of the position change and any rotation or resize as well. The duplicate command at that point isn't duplicating just the object, but those other transforms. If there was no alt/command change, then duplicate works the same as copy/paste (at location.) The break in the chain is unselecting the object

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