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Thanks to the team for this great tool that is Affinity designer !

This feature ( request ? ) could somehow be understood as the equivalent of brushes in Affnity Photo...

The triangle tool and others ( Trapezoïd / Diamond etc...) are neat and really practical !
is there a possibility ( or any plans in the future ) to have an acces
to build / add / customize other tools by myself and to add them to the UI?

o- suppose i want to create a "logic gate diagram", i would have to use AND, OR, XOR ( and others ) gate symbols.
 - i could create a tool for each symbol
- add handles to customize it ( radius, height etc.. ) as seen as the little red dot.
- the description of each tool is a file that would be imported in Affinity designer.

Many thanks for your consideration, for taking the time to read my request, and for this great App !


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Have you considered creating your shapes and saving them as assets? That would not handle the "red dot" aspects of your request, but other than that it seems to provide what you want. The symbol capabilities of Affinity Design might also prove useful for you, but assets seem like they might be a more natural fit for your needs.

-- Walt

Windows 10 Home, April 2018 Update (1803), 16.0GB memory, Intel Core i7-6700K @ 4.00Gz
Affinity Photo and Beta
Affinity Designer and Beta

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That would be neat if user could also work at the app but I don't think they would let you do it because this is not an open source program. 

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