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Affinity Photo Workbook or Video tutorial?

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I just purchased Affinity Photo and started to learn the basics while following the instructions from downloaded video tutorials. I am new to Affinity Photo and a beginner to photo/image editing (I have only some really basic experience with Photoshop and Gimp) 


Does the Affinity Photo Workbook cover important subjects not covered in these video tutorials from this page

or other video tutorials from Lynda.com or Udemy? 


Thank you very much.

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Hi there  - I have just received the Photo Workbook in the post and am working my through. I am a very experienced Photoshop user but wanted to make sure my workflow took advantage of all Affinity Photo has to offer.  I am loving it. The files are downloadable so you can work at your own pace, and the teaching is arranged in such a way that nothing gets missed. I have discovered a couple of extraordinary features that I didn't know existed (the selection refinement on hair for example - mind blown!) and the HDR and stacking which does act differently from PS. I need to get up to speed quickly as I have dumped Adobe and far from being a waste of time, these exercises are really helping. I tend to learn by doing, and watching a video is all very well and good but it does go in one brain cell and out the other. So I'm a YES to the books.

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