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Pleaaaase: Develop Persona and Project Basics

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I posted some feature requests earlier here, but I got no response.

Since then I have installed the latest beta version and processed many many raw photos. And while some issues are fixed, I have to insist on the below maddening issues:


  • The cancel crop in development mode issue that darkens the photo and I have to re-import. I have posted it under the bugs section.
  • Photo rotation while cropping is crazy complicated while in develop persona. The anchor point should be in the middle by default. I should be able to rotate while in crop mode and also see a dense grid that stays straight to aid me align the photo correctly. The rotate tool should automatically crop the photo to the same original aspect ratio instead of leaving me with checkerboard.
  • Cropping under develop persona should be constrained by default to original aspect ratio. It should not allow me to go outside the photo edges. It should provide preset aspect ratios that I can add to. I shouldn’t type 16:9 or 1:1 every single photo! It is very slow.
  • Please make batch export available.
  • Please make batch selection under project available in order to delete photos, or move them to another project.
  • Please make me able mo photos to another project immediately instead of moving them outside the project first (one by one) then adding them to the other project one by one!!
  • Please make me able to delete a project at once no matter how many photos it includes.


I hope someone in development reads this and is convinced of its importance.

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