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iPad as sole editor?


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Hi all I recently got Affinity Photo for my windows pc i still have alot to learn (as well as correct grammar) and im really enjoying it but my computer is on its last legs and i could do with updating my iPad too but i can only do one of them ive seen a few video reviews of Affinity Photo on iPad Pros and it looks grate and now i dont know what route to take iPad, PC or even Mac im leaning towards iPad at the moment but have a couple questions to see what's best for me. 

First off i spend alot of time stuck indoors so doing things like large macro focus stacks (in RAW preferably) will probably be what i do most can an ipad do this? (currently i can only do this with jpeg on my pc and it takes a while)

Secondly as far as i can find out the iPad version of Affinity Photo dosent have 100% of the features but i cant pin down what is missing from the ipad version and more importantly what sort of things that will this not let me do ?

thats all i can remember to ask at the moment any advice or questions welcome :) .

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Hi Canna,


Welcome to the forum


I depends on the size of your focus stacks RAW files as all versions of Affinity Photo can process these stacks the extra memory that you have available on the desktop version (Mac or Windows) means that with very large RAW files it will have resources available to process the stacks quicker.


As to the differences between the iPad and desktop version the main one is that the iPad version does not have the batch processing ability as the desktop version has

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After getting the iPad Pro version, I thought it was so great it would finally be a good reason to buy a MacBook and the Mac version, I also bought the pc version when it was on discount. What I’ve found is they are all on the same underlying engine, and the odd missing command eg selectionfromlayer are easily ported to the iPad using macros. What do I use 95% of the time, the iPad and Apple Pencil !

Affinity Photo, Designer, Publisher 1.10 and 2.0 on macOS Ventura beta on M1 Mac Mini 16GB 1TB
Affinity Photo, Designer, Publisher 1.10 and 2.0 on Windows 10 Pro.
Affinity Photo, Designer, Publisher 2.0 on M1 iPad Pro 11” on iPadOS 16. beta.




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I got the Mac version back in Dec 2015 and liked it.  I got the iPad version in June 2017 and love it.  Recently I ordered an Apple Lightning to USB adapter.  Yesterday I imported some Raw photos I had taken with my Canon 5d mark iii camera, to my iPad Pro.  I was so pleased at how fast they imported into the ipad’s Photos App and then I opened them into AP.  They came into the AP’s Develop Module and I edited them with my Apple Pencil.  I am very happy with this process.

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Hi guys thanks for the help/advice it really seems that the iPad route is what would suit me best and the Apple Pencil looks like it's worth getting thanks for the suggestions.


I'm using a nikon d750 the raw files are around 27mb each but I'd be looking to stack 50+ pictures so I'm guessing I'd probably have to stick with jpeg for that.

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2 hours ago, ParkPrince said:

Is this available to all iPads or just for some models? What is the available iPad generations list? I am considering buying a new iPad recently.


First line in the description


** Affinity Photo for iPad supports iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad (early 2017). Please note that older iPads are not supported. **


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Also worth noting that while not essential, the Apple Pencil is a great accessory for Affinity Photo. The Apple Pencil only works on iPad Pro models. Worth considering if purchasing a new iPad.

IPad Pro 10.5/512GB   lpadOS 16.1.1 Apple Pencil (1st gen), Affinity Photo 1.10.5 Affinity Design 1.10.5 Affinity Publisher 2, Affinity Designer 2, Affinity Photo 2

Official Online iPad Help documents (multi-lingual) here: https://affinity.https://affinity.help/ 


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