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Custom Shortcut can't be recorded + "Apply to all" does nothing

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Hey there community!


I've got two bugs right now I assume.


First one: if I try to assign the Alt+Backspace command to the "Fill" option it can't record the Backspace for me. It only says Alt+ and then waiting for input. At first I thought it's because the exact same shortcut is assigned to the "Inpaint" option, but even after removing it from there it does not record any other "function"-keys (?) except for numbers and letters, as far as I can tell.


Second bug is this one: I'd like to assign , (comma) and . (point/full stop) to any tool that offers the option of changing the brush size via key-input. So what I thought would work is applying those keys to one random tool and check the box "Apply to all", but it's not working. In fact this box does nothing for me right now.

A work around for me would be the option of pressing the Alt+Ctrl key and drag, similar to how it's working on Mac, but that doesn't work for me either – maybe I got the wrong buttons and someone can tell me wich ones to press actually to make it work?


Edit: I'm working with a german-layout-keyboard btw.




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Hi Dennis


Whilst you can use multiple keys to assign shortcuts to, there are some we decided not allow as we felt it could create more problems. backspace is one of those keys along with other keys such as delete.  So this is intentional.


The apply to all add the shortcut to the same UI element found in different personas, so for example if you assigned a shortcut to switch to one persona that shortcut will be added in all the other personas too. This does apply the shortcut to multiple tools in the same persona as it seems like you are trying to do



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Hey Chris,


thanks for your quick response. :5_smiley:

Hm, that's too bad. Well, I guess there's no workaround for the backspace?

But then again it makes me wonder why is backspace assigned to the Inpaint option by default.
And now, that I removed the binding from the Inpaint option in hope that'll allow to assign that shortcut
to the fill option the only way to reset is is to reset the whole shortcut-set – including the newly set
increasing/decreasing keys which I assigned manually to every tool afterwards. :(


For the decreasing/increasing brush-size shortcuts there's no workaround either to assign them once
for every tool? Wouldn't it be convenient to assign the same keys to all tools at the same time or at
least offer an option to do so? I don't see why I would want to set differing keys for basically the

same function for every tool.


Greetings and thanks again


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