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Develop exposure slider does not reflect applied value

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When developing a RAW (NEF) file in Photo, having an EV value above 2 and "Apply exposure bias as initial state" set in the develop assistant,  the exposure slider and text-box do not reflect the exposure bias applied by Photo.


In this (extreme) case the EV value set in camera and applied by develop assistant was +5 but the exposure slider and textbox show a maximum value of +2.


Preferred fix is to expand the range of the exposure slider, alternatively (as expanding the range could make exposure adjustments by slider too coarse) allow setting higher exposure values via the textbox and spinners/steppers.




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Hi whizzrd


It doesn't seem very often that an exposure bias above or below 2 is used but I'm sure there is a reason for your case. I have passed this improvement on to the development team so I shall see what they say about increasing the range



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