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[Fixed] Blend mode on group of live filters

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If the blending mode is applied to a group that contains only the adjustments layers it works properly. First all adjustments are applied in the Normal mode and then the result is blended with the original image in the group’s mode.


However, if the group contains live filters, it seems that the group’s blend mode is applied a few times, first the image is blended with itself, and then apply filters, each with a blending mode.




It's easy to notice if you make a group (for example in Multiply mode) of several Blur filters, the result will be darker than it should be, as if every filter in Multiply mode.

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Yevgeny Makarov


The flow of items inside and outside of a group are slightly different from each other which can provide slightly different results. However in the example you have given there does seem to be something wrong here especially as it seems to work ok with adjustments. I shall get this reported to the development team



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