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Zoom to selected, prioritise the behaviour...

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Please excuse me if this is already on the roadmap:


Zoom to selection is great as it is, except for the shortcut; it's a two handed shortcut. The 0 is all the way over there... needing the right hand to come off the mouse to get at. That's pretty ridiculous when you consider that zooming to selection is for the process of immediate editing, which is done by the mouse. So the shortcut for this must be an entirely left handed "ninja fingers" move so the user can continue working at a rapid, immediate pace without having to remind their mouse or stylus.


Which brings into question the rest of the view shortcuts, and how they could be better, to the point of being the best in the world of vector design.


One of the joys of using the Mac is that there's no Windows key to jar you out of context of your existing app, and the [Alt] key doesn't throw you into a different mode of operation.


So the side of the thumb can easily be used to operate a pair of modifier keys without any risks to the user experience. The two easiest two operate concurrently are the [Command+Option]. Just move your left thumb to the left of the space bar, roll it onto its side, and press them both down, concurrently, with ease. The real joy of this is that it leaves your other fingers forcefully hovering over the tilde, 1, 2 and 3 keys. The 4 is a little bit more of a stretch, but still reachable, and the Tab, Q, W and E buttons are unreasonably placed for immediate access, too.


So that's 6 or 8 or 10 really good shortcuts, depending on your considerations of the Tab and tilde and the stretch to the right for 4 and R.


What's the most important view zooms and changes that could be here?


I propose that since Command + 1,2,3,4 is view level zooms pertinent to the current centre point of the screen, that [Option+Command + 1,2,3,4] should be those same zoom levels based on the position of the currently selected object, rather than the current centre of the screen.


Or vice versa.




And I'd strongly suggest a "centre the current page and zoom to actual pixels" be given a top level shortcut that's a switch, back and forth from the current view position and zoom.


I suggest the tilde key, without the need for a modifier key, be this.


How this works: Regardless of my current zoom and position on the page, tapping and holding the tilde key brings me to actual pixels, centred on the current "page" so that I can see the project in its current state after my most recent modification that I'm currently editing. Regardless of what I'm editing (with the obvious exception of entering text) this should hide all selection brackets, guides and other visual clutter that's not content so it's an absolute preview of the work, and be in pixel mode.


Releasing the tilde key should then bring me straight back to the current tool, intact, ready to continue editing at the previous view position and zoom level.


[Option + Command + Tilde] should do the same zoom to actual size, but around the current selection instead of the current document centre. 


Sound at all sensible and useful? Or am I stark, raving mad?


// btw, change this forum subsection to "Feature Suggestions" instead of Feature Requests. It's an important difference in mindset, I think. We don't really have the right to request features, but we do have the innate right to make suggestions. And this makes it a lot clearer that the processes of designing, designing an incorporation, designing interface access and then the subsequent development considerations of any feature is fucking staggeringly involved work. And ever more so within the framework of an existing product. You're not starting from scratch, and it's not easy to even consider a new feature, let alone implement it in anyway that doesn't impact other things.

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In this maner I found the "cmd +" and the "cmd -" for zooming very good, but it should zoom the selection or if nothing is selected the mouse-cursor should be center for zoom.

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