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9 blend modes broken in LAB color space

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Calculation of the following blend modes is broken when LAB/16 color space is used in AF

-Colour Dodge








-Hard Mix

Other blend modes work correctly, so I don't assume it would be any problem with using LAB and blend modes.

All of these except Hard Mix behave as if Normal mode would be used. Hard Mix in LAB produces some extreme Red coloration even with grayscale inputs.

Reflect blend mode broken in LAB.afphoto

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Hi shojtsy


These aren't broken as such, due to how LAB colour space works these blend modes just won't do anything. Other apps grey or hide these blend modes however as we allow you to pretty freely change colour modes without having to flatten anything the team thought it would be best to leave them so you can have them re-applied when you move back as LAB colour is generally used for specific operations rather than an overall output colour space



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The Blend mode "Add" works, and there is no fundamental difference between "Add" and "Subtract" modes, so I would logically expect Subtract to work at least. Additionally Hard Mix is not producing the Normal blend as the others, but some red tint, that can't be intentional, right?

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