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Replaced Documents display broken.

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If I have a rectangle masking an image (I'm using PDFs), and then replace that image, Designer shows the image has been replaced in the layers list. However, the old image will still display. If I interact with the image (scaling or moving usually), the program will jitter between the old and new image. Sometimes it will settle on the new image, but then click back to the old one. Since the image is actually gone, this is obviously a cacheing issue – does Designer maintain a cache of images for display? I'm assuming so. 




Above, you can see the problem: the two masked embedded images are different, but they display as the same (as a minor bug with either Serif or Apple, the select handles don't show in the screenshot, but those are the panels).


I've taken to deleting and reembedding the image, but this is really irritating: I'm generating the embedded images from another program that produces consistent sizes, so I have to laboriously resize the image, which is a pretty precise operation, and really slows my workflow down: this is a core part of what I do.



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Hey urbanistica,

This sounds like a bit of a redraw issue but I can't be sure without looking. Can you attach the file with the embedded objects? If you'd prefer to keep it private you can use this Dropbox link. 

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