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Hey guys, I'm a new on forum, and have been actually using Affinity products as replacement to Adobe ones. I'm a long-time (from 7th version) user of Photoshop mainly, and I absolutely love your products - they are better in many ways, and apart from most people coming from Photoshop - I like personas. They do organize work in great way. But I find there is one missing feature that would be nice for retouching, and it's actually in Adobe's product. I'm talking about face-aware liquify, which gives a great option to manipulate face in easy and practical way. Of course I'd do that manually etc, but some of the modifications are just more precise with this tool and it's also just more friendly, and less time-consuming. I'd like to see it in future versions of Affinity :). I think it'll help many beauty/portrait photographers/retouchers.


For those not knowing what I'm talking about, there's short movie about the feature:



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