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Wrong string translation with simplified chinese on all brush stabilizer

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well, I use affinity photo & designer SIMPLIFIED CHINESE version

recently I found that when I turned the cursor to the brush window-mode-stabilizer radius size tip,

it would show the hint says "选择画笔流量".

I dont's know what the translation actually should be, but,

it can never be translated as "选择画笔流量", in chinese it means that "choose (or set) the brush flows"

NOT ONLY affinity photo has this problem,it effects all parts those have a brush stabilizer usable with affinity designer, too.

hope solve this problem as soon as possible


at last, I'm sorry to my poor english.

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Hi Umiama


The English text it is translated from is 'Chose the flow of the brush' so according to your post it seems like the translation is fairly accurate. Is there a different translation we should be using for this?



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18 hours ago, Chris_K said:

Ok I see where the error here is now so I shall get this reported.



My pleasure , Thank you too

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