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Afinity Photo Windows: User Interface light/dark not working correctly

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In your Light UI video you demonstrate how to adjust the UI appearance.

Under windows it does not seem to work correctly.

Under windows I can switch between light and dark UI style and the UI gamma slider seems to work.

The background and artboard background grey level sliders do not show any effects under windows.

The tool icons are not adjusted according style. With light UI I see the same icons with black background as used with the dark UI style. E.g., the cutting tool is just a dark square with light UI style.

The front UI size adjustment (default / large) is missing alltogether under windows.


Can I somehow activate the backgroud grey level sliders and adjust the tool icons for the light UI style?

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Hi hr.mu


The Background and artboard background sliders require  document open to see any effect. are they still not functioning for you with a document open?. 


If you close and re-open the app after switching to light UI do the icons remain in that half and half state or do they sort themselves out?


The Font UI option is a Mac only preference.


Would you be able to provide details of your system and any apps you have running in the background? Some background graphic handling apps could affect the ui



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Hi Chris,


thanks for the response.

It is true, with an image open the background slider is working too.

But I still see no effect for the artboard background slider (maybe I do not know what this is all about) and the tool icons do not adjust for light UI settings.

I attach a screenshot of the UI light.

I am using a windows 7 Professional 64 Bit environment. Apart from Affinity Photo there is only a firefox browser and Outlook 2013 open when testing this issue. I use a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphic card which is recognized by affinity photo settings.


Affinity Liht UI.JPG

Affinity Liht UI2.JPG

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