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What works well for me in Photo, what is still lacking with respect to Photoshop

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Upon buying my Nikon D850 a few days ago, I had decided to fully switch over to Affinity, as I was so angered by Adobe’s reneging on their promise that Lightroom would remain “indefinitely” available as a standalone application.

However, no matter how hard I worked to customize Affinity’s shortcuts to duplicate as closely as possible my Lightroom/Photoshop workflow, I am still missing some features, which are key for me, although they may not be for other people.

The Develop module works fine, and I managed to customize it so that it works almost like Lightroom. And it reads the RAW files from the D850, which is more than my before-last version of Lightroom can do.

The big thing that is missing vis-à-vis Lightroom is the ability to import a series of pictures, easily navigate through them, process one and subsequently apply to all the same settings. Maybe all this can indeed be done in Affinity, but how is not so far quite obvious to me. And that’s a big waste of time.

The other big thing that it still missing is a decent library of lens profiles that could be applied automatically if the user so chooses. In Develop, you have to do everything manually, and some commands, such as Chromatic Aberration, take ages to execute, at least on the very large files produced by the D850.

There are other poorly designed things, such as when you correct for converging vertical or general orientation under the “Lens” tab: why don’t the guidelines show automatically as in Lightroom (I did select “Overlay: Thirds Grid”, but nothing appeared), and why don’t you have the option to “Constrain crop” if you desire, so that you may choose to see no white space appearing around the corrected picture? This is easy to implement, and its absence is irritating.

However, things get worse when I get into the Photo modu… I mean, “persona”. Even though I also did here a lot of Photoshop-look alike customization work, the buttons and controls are still laid out ever so differently, so that it becomes irritating to click on the wrong one out of habit, or wasting time looking for another. I know this is probably all a question of time and getting new habits carved in, but it is still a pain in the neck.

I also have no simple and easy way in Affinity to place a thin black border around my photos once I’m done, and there is no function that does what “Save for Web and devices…” does in Photoshop. Plus, resizing the brush on the fly is realy less easy with so many keys to press at the same time. Once again, my things, my workflow, other people may well feel different.

Therefore, I have decided to adopt a mixed approach: I will use the Develop module of Affinity, since I was no other equivalent option at this time and it works quite well. I will, at the end of this phase, obtain a TIFF file which I will then drop into Photoshop for the editing per se.

It will be a little more cumbersome as Affinity and Photoshop are not integrated to work together as well as Lightroom and Photoshop, but it’s such a big relief to have all my favorite features at my fingertips again, that I will gladly suffer the little extra cumbersomeness.

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