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Daisy K

New today: Inpaint Brush Tool missing

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Hello, I just bought the Affinity Photo software download today. I've watched the getting started video.  I do not seem to have in Inpaint Brush Tool on my list of tools. 

I made sure I was in a layer and not an adjustment, and not an adjustment layer, as I read in the Help Guide.


Do I have to be in a certain layer or adjustment to have the tool viewable? Is there a place to load missing tools?


Also, is there a way to load tools or edits across the top on a toolbar, as seen in the video.  I am trying to practice on each of the basic options5a49351b402bb_1Capture.thumb.PNG.5047134d056182c2e26f20fc263a7c34.PNG


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It's in this group. 


Click and hold to expand the group. Groups are indicated by the small triangle on the bottom right hand corner of the main tool.

Be aware that the last tool you use will now be displayed on the toolbar, so it is easy to lose them unless you know the groups.


Go View > Customize Toolbar to add tools to the toolbar but you can't add the inpainting tool.

You can go View > Customize Tools to add the inpainting tool permanently to the tool panel (so it is not hidden in the group)

Windows PCs. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions.

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