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Locking an image that's underneath an object

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Hi guys,

For instance I have an image, and above it I have a shape/curve. Even if the image layer is locked, if I click on the image on the stage/canvas, its margins still show as highlighted. Is there an option not to show that?

Thank you :)

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Hi Chris.bannu and Welcome to the Forums,


How are you bringing the image into Designer?  If using File>Open then the background will always be selectable. There is a workaround for that, if you right click the locked image layer and select Group, you'll no longer be able to select the background image unless you click on it in the Layers panel.


If you started a blank new document, then use File>Place to bring in your image into Designer, you can then lock the layer and it won't be selectable on the main Canvas, unless you select it on the Layers panel.


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