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I do love Designer and Photo and I am now looking for more precision so with that in mind please look at the accuracy of your program - with regards to  the following:


1) When using the pen tool and snapping to a curve, if I zoom in using the super zooming ability of Designer, at a high enough zoom level the snapped node is actually not touching the curve at all. 


2) Please allow me to specify more than 1 decimal place on all text and paragraphs properties I.e. leaning, font size, kerning, character spacing... when designing text to fit an exact area, it is very useful to bring back a single word orphan/widow by adjusting by 0.000001 without having to stretch the text box and distort the text. It may sound extreme but this kind of accuracy can be useful. You should definitely consider this on your up coming Publisher / InDesign alternative.


3) Allow us to snap to the ‘notches’ on the rulers like in Photoshop when you hold shift


4) Allow us to choose which rotation angles to snap to when using the rotation tools. An option in the preferences window to manage it would be great :-)

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I second Rob123456789's second point. InDesign and QuarkXpress allow fractional text sizes to a much finer degree than Publisher, which increments files sizes a tenth of a point at a time. A tenth of a point will serve most purposes, but there are times when that tiny extra fraction makes a big difference in fitting copy.

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1 That's odd, when I snap objects together I can zoom to 5 million % and the points are still touching.  Are there any special conditions that you are seeing this?

2 I haven't played with Publisher, but all the other apps allow the number of decimal places to be configured as desired by going into Preferences > User Interface then each unit can be individually configured.  You can change points so it will show 3 places if you want (or more).  The apps store entries to 15 places, so the accuracy is there you just need to configure the display.  Now if too extreme a number is used (like 6 places) the field may not show it properly without scrolling.

I hope that helps.



iMac (27-inch, Late 2009) with macOS Sierra

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