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exposure strange mismatch between camera histogram and Affinity Photo

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Hi there,


I had my first professional project that I wanted to edit etc with Affinity Photo. I exposed in my camera Sony A7RII all photos with an average of -.03 to -.07 with a close look on highlights (zebra display). - To my big dismay ALL shots appear massively underexposed in Affinity photo, the large majority of the images required a 2 stops exposure gain, the white balance was _totally_ off. So after spending a frustrating long evening on it. After seeing the impossible results this morning I quickly returned to the photo application that I used before, DxO Optics Pro. And there the images look ok, the colors look correct ands the expose is slightly under as expected.

Was is happening? From the online tutorials for Affinity photo I disabled all "automatic" corrections for raw files, I do exactly the same in DxO by the way.

As an illustration I attach 2 screenshots of the same image opened in the software, one Affinity Photo the other in DxO Optics.
Any help would be largely appreciated!

Best regards


2509 Affinity.png

2509 DxO.png

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From the screenshots one issue we are aware of is, in the Develop Persona a 32Bit HDR workspace is used for the best possible editing but does alter how the Histogram renders. If you're running Affinity Photo on macOS, try changing the RAW engine thats being used in the Develop Persona. In the Photo Persona, click on the Assistant icon on the toolbar (Tuxedo icon) and then the Develop Assistant button. Now change the RAW engine and click Close, now open the RAW file again and check how the image looks.

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Thanks for the explanation. When I change the RAW engine to the other one (Apple raw) there is indeed a significant difference - still I'm not entirely happy, even with Apple raw i'm well over one stop too low. I set my Sony camera to compressed raw, you may have heard of an issue in the Sony A7RII where Sony's raw compression creates artefacts. For this industrial project I didn't care to much so I did not use the uncompressed raw format because the file size is 4 times larger or so. Could this have an additional influence?

serif raw.jpg

apple raw.jpg

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