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Miguel T.

Impossible to create new document.

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Hallo and Regards to all the Affinity Community and Forum:

Well, I just bought Affinity Designer a few days ago and the installation was ok.

I decided to buy it after testing the Demo, because the demo run perfectly.

Then uninstalled the demo and installed the real soft, but every time I try to create a new document (doens't matter what size or ppp, etc) it gives an error, reported at the botton. >:(

What`s happening if it's the same situation than before, the same hardware and computer? :(

-I'm using windows 10 64 bits Home version 1709, on laptop ASPIRE 3830TG

-Nvidia Geforce GT540M CUDA, with driver version 388.43

Error reported as:


I don`t know what means.

the program itself allows you to send a report with your email but since now, I have not received any answer yet. Even I contacted Affinity Twitter profile, sending a tweet but no answer received at all.

Could someone help me?

Thank you in advance.



Hola y saludos a la Comunidad Affinity y Foro:

Recientemente he comprado la licencia del programa Designer, pero tras desinstalar la demo (que funcionaba perfectamente) e instalar el programa completo, resulta que me da un error al crear documento nuevo. Siempre que creo documento nuevo, por lo que no puedo hacer absolutamente nada. No importa ni el tipo de documento, ni el tamaño ni la resolución, nada que yo sepa. Da el error sin importar esto.

Es extraño, pues la demo funcionaba perfectamente.

Mi sistema es el que figura arriba descrito y el error lo dejo bajo estas lineas.

Agradecería que alguien pudiera ayudarme al respecto, pues esto me preocupa, después de adquirir la licencia no puedo hacer uso.

Los mensajes enviados desde el programa, cuando se produce el error no han sido contestados en modo alguno. Igualmente me he puesto en contacto con la cuenta en Twitter que tiene Affinity sin recibir contestación alguna.

Gracias de antemano.



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Ok. I resolved myself the problem installing the last version of nvidia graphics driver. It seems not to have sense, but that's how I resolved. How could run the demo without problem and the complete program have that error? Something is wrong in Win 10, I think.

Every time I install some in Win10, It doesn't work without a reinstallation or upgrade (better) of the graphic driver. It produced a similar problem when I installed a new version of Autodesk Sketchbook. It required upgrading the Nvidia driver. Something breaks when installing in my system.

Maybe my experience can help somebody.

Thank you anyway.

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